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The Birth Of The Integrity Super Net

For the first forty or so years of my life, the word “integrity” was not a mainstay in many people vocabulary.
Yes…As the son of a devout Romanian Christian man who prided himself in living by an unwavering moral code, I was raised with a strong sense of “right” and “wrong.”
Yes…As an Cybernist (Internet Specialist), especially an idealistic one, I believed in truth, justice and fairness.

But…it was not until I become a Christian coming to the terms of truth, honesty and principle to live by, that the word “integrity” took on a whole new level of meaning and importance, and ultimately became the guiding principle through which I live my life and have supported countless others in doing the same. And then it come to me: what about a Network run with Integrity? The Integrity Chamber of Commerce was born.

I, like the hundreds or thousands of people I have worked with, looked outside myself for validation, affirmation, acceptance and most of all, love. A master “do-er” multi-tasker, overachiever, fixer and although I never realized it, people-pleaser, achieving, pleasing and fixing, I defined myself by what I was achieving. I lived my life based on all of those “shoulds” – what I, others, or society thought I should be doing in order to be successful. Although this drove me to accomplish a lot, and I did receive praise, love or applause from others, these feel good feelings were often fleeting. I was always onto the next item of my do-to list or checklist of life!

Finally in 2006 my life crashed. After we invested almost half of milliondollars everything went to a halt. Although from the outside looking in, it looked as though, “I had it all,” I could no longer keep up the façade I had created. I could no longer keep living life based on what I, or others thought I should be doing. I could no longer allow my feelings of self, be dictated by what others thought, the accomplishments I achieved and how special I could prove to the world and myself that I was. I needed to start living from the inside, out instead of the outside in! I needed to start living a life of integrity!

Although in 2006, I did not know the impact that living an integrity guided life would have on my life as well as all the lives of the thousands of people I work with. I can now say that it is the key to feeling whole and complete, liberated, joyful and abundant in my way to be me with a higher calling finding my Purpose and building my Legacy!

You may have noticed that there is a trust crisis in our world today. People don’t trust each other. We don’t trust our neighbor, our boss, or our politicians. We don’t trust our family, our spouses, and our friends. But the reason for the trust crisis isn’t that everyone out there is a corrupt, horrible person. The reason we don’t trust others, is because deep down, we don’t trust ourselves and we are still searching for a Significance late in life after 30,40 or 50 years of existence.

That’s right. We don’t trust ourselves. Think about the ways you may have broken a promise to yourself. You vowed to speak up at work, and then sat silent in the meeting yet again. You convinced yourself that this time the diet was going to stick, only to find the number on the scale inching up again. You commit to making a change, and then find yourself sliding back into the same behavior you’ve been so desperate to avoid.

Just like you can pull a nail out of a piece of wood, but the hole remains, we all have holes in our souls that represent all of the ways we have betrayed, lied to or disparaged ourselves. These holes serve as evidence to our already suspicious psyches…you are not trustworthy! And when we don’t trust ourselves, we can’t listen to ourselves. We can’t heed the very guidance that our soul is trying to provide. We are cut off from the very essence of our being. And so we end up living lives that feel wrong.

This is a great way to promote your business and stand out of the crowd. Are you committed to an integrity? Join us at we can help.


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